Our Company

Tatweer Sports Company’s focus is to establish a strong business partnership with national and international top class sports brands and renowned football clubs. The vision is to establish a commercial and retail presence aligned with an increasing fan base of various soccer clubs in the region. Tatweer Sports Company has an innovative commercial approach with a vision of becoming the leading sports development company in the region delivering top sport brands to our customers. Tatweer Sports Company is run by a team of experts ensuring that we provide our customers with an enriching experience within the sports retailing industry.

Tatweer Sports Co. is based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is headed by an experienced, passionate and highly motivated management team. Tatweer sports company has an outlook to “lead and learn” through a strategy of:

 - Focusing on value added industry sectors

 - Investing in leading brands

 - Maintaining a long-term investment approach

Within few years from its inception, Tatweer Sports Company has made a significant presence in the map of sports retailing within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and consistently striving to spread its wings to other middle eastern regions as well as  to the novel business ventures.

Our extensive experience within the Retail & Marketing, has given us invaluable insight into achieving brand value, retail and commercial objectives.  We pay attention to details while we come across with design, selection of products, brand positioning, communicating to the customers and expanding the brands.