Al-Ittihad FC

Once again as a feather in the cap ,Tatweer Sports Co have proudly conceived and developed a fashion in line with Ittihad Football Club. As establishing the Ittihad F C  retail , Tatweer Sports co has designed and constructed a flagship store in Jeddah and opened its door to Ittihad fan and public proudly. The contrast of rough, textured materials and hi-tech, hi-gloss steel and lacquer creates a contemporary and dynamic atmosphere. The store will have an urban feel with rough case plaster, fluorescent tubes, black powder coated steel, and mirror finishing. Ittihad FC was officially formed in 1927, and to show their accomplishments and highlights, there is historic footage of the team and fans, while graphics emphasize moments over the years. The outlet will bring a new and exhilarating experience for Ittihad fans, while keeping the history and heritage of the club alive. The concept is offering a wide range of both apparels and accessories to all age and gender.