Chronological Milestones...

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Corporate Profile

Official Juventus Store was opened

The store was developed in conjunction with Juventus FC and Nike as a prototype adding several official products of top international teams to the mix, Manchester United FC, Barcelona .


Tatweer Sports was founded

Tatweer Sports Company’s focus is to establish a strong business partnership with national and international top class sports brands and renowned football clubs. The vision is to establish a commercial and retail presence aligned with an increasing fan base of various soccer clubs in the region. Tatweer Sports Company has an innovative commercial approach with a vision of becoming the leading sports development company in the region delivering top sport brands to our customers. Tatweer Sports Company is run by a team of experts ensuring that we provide our customers with an enriching experience within the sports retailing industry.


Tatweer Sports Co. is based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is headed by an experienced, passionate and highly motivated management team. Tatweer sports company has an outlook to “lead and learn” through a strategy of :


 - Focusing on value added industry sectors

 - Investing in leading brands

 - Maintaining a long-term investment approach


Within few years from its inception, Tatweer Sports Company has made a significant  presence in the map of sports retailing within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and consistently striving to spread its wings to other middle eastern regions as well as  to the novel business ventures.


Our extensive experience within the Retail & Marketing, has given us invaluable insight into achieving brand value ,retail and commercial objectives.  We pay attention to details while we come across with design , selection of products, brand positioning , communicating to the customers and  expanding the brands.


 Al-Hilal FC Flagship Store was opened

The Al Hilal S. FC Retail has became a benchmark concept for the sports retailing  of foot ball clubs and  this has pioneered by Tatweer Sports Company to  move football retail into new horizons within the region.


Tatweer Sports Company  has been opened The club’s first  flagship store in Riyadh in year 2011 . The uniquely designed store  has become  a center of attraction and created a new attitude of  Club Sports Apparels and Accessories. The success of the initial store has created new opportunities, and Al Hilal S. FC Retail opened its branches in Al Khobar and Jeddah in early 2012. More outlets of satellite stores and Kiosks are planned to open in the prominent shopping malls in major cities. The introduction of the outlet has played a major role in redefining the Al Hilal S. FC fan’s retail experience.



Al-Nassr FC Flagship Store was opened

Tatweer Sports Company has opened  the first flagship outlet of Al Nassr Football Club Retail in Riyadh. The design concept is very  unique, with contemporary and dynamic elements. The concept is  became a personal proud to the club fan and serve them successfully since  March 2012.


This new and exciting partnership represents concrete progress in the retail arena for Al Nassr FC in the Kingdom as well as a remarkable experience of football retailing  within the region, delivering a powerful proposition to the fans. The concept is offering a wide range of both apparels and accessories to all ages and gender.

SPORTA, The First Brand Acquisition

By Tatweer Sports

SPORTA now is a SAUDI private label brand that is fresh and modern. SPORTA custom design and tailors active sportswear and sports fashion, worn by some of the region’s top athletic teams. SPORTA has a truly innovative team with advanced experience in designs and manufacturing of garments that are specific to sports.


In 2012, SPORTA has successfully designed and executed the full range of team wears  for the regions prominent clubs. The players and fans of Al Nassr FC and Al Shabab FC were delighted to wear SPORTA  with satisfaction on its design, quality and international standards. SPORTA has a team of professionals with commitment to their customers for improvising the experience on sports wear and introducing innovative designs in line with appropriate games and sports lines. The SPORTA team of designers are consistently maintaining the care in delivering the products with top class quality in terms of design, fabrics, cutting and stitching to match with international sports wear standards. The quality is the paramount priority while selecting the fabrics, as well as the factories. The factories are the state-of- the art in its class, having most modern technologies implemented with ample experience in serving international sports apparels brands. Each and very product comes out through stringent quality programs to ensure the SPORTA customers gets the best in its class. SPORTA is now designing and executing for a number of Football clubs for their upcoming seasons. SPORTA is a feel and an attitude!!



The first sponsorship pact was conducted

with Al-Nassr FC one of the Top teams in Saudi Arabia

Tatweer Sports company has successfully designed, developed and delivered the official team wear under Sporta label for the season.


Al-Ittihad FC Flagship Store was opened

Once again as a feather in the cap ,Tatweer Sports Co have proudly conceived and developed a fashion in line with Ittihad Football Club. As establishing the Ittihad F C  retail , Tatweer Sports co has designed and constructed a flagship store in Jeddah and opened its door to Ittihad fan and public proudly. The contrast of rough, textured materials and hi-tech, hi-gloss steel and lacquer creates a contemporary and dynamic atmosphere. The store will have an urban feel with rough case plaster, fluorescent tubes, black powder coated steel, and mirror finishing. Ittihad FC was officially formed in 1927, and to show their accomplishments and highlights, there is historic footage of the team and fans, while graphics emphasize moments over the years. The outlet will bring a new and exhilarating experience for Ittihad fans, while keeping the history and heritage of the club alive. The concept is offering a wide range of both apparels and accessories to all age and gender.


Al-Shabab FC Club Store was opened

Al Shabab Football club was the first football club in Riyadh ,Saudi Arabia. Founded in 1947 with the original name of Shabab Al Riyadh, they became later known as  Al Shabab FC in 1967. Al Shbab FC is known in the Kingdom for producing some of the best young talents. Some of their prominent players have represented the country and made significant achievements for the Saudi Arabia National Team in different world cup events.


In early 2013, Al Shabab FC signed an exclusive deal with Tatweer Sports Co to design  and  develop new official kit under sporta label for the upcoming seasons. Tatweer Sports co will be the official kit supplier for the first ,youth and junior teams.

Tatweer sports co has successfully developed and supplied the official team wear and opened an exclusive store at Clubs premises. The club store is serving the fans by offering the uniquely designed  official kits.




Sponsorship pact was  extended for 2014

with Al-Nassr FC

2013 was a successful year for both the club and the Al Nassr FC  retail. The fans were celebrating the teams victory joyfully and they were more excited in Al Nassr FC store seeing more fashions on wardrobes.

The success of 2012-2013 made a significant decision to extend the sponsorship pact for the upcoming seasons too. Tatweer Sports Co  is proud and committed in delivering the  unique and exceptional experience to the club and its fans.




Launching the first online shop

Al-Nassr FC online store

As part of exceling  the customer experience with Al Nassr FC Retail  , Tatweer Sports Co has desired to reach out and stretching our services to  the fans who are unable to access our outlets physically..  The launch of online shop will facilitate the fans to access the complete range of merchandise and garb it instantly.




Team wear Sponsorship pact was

signed off  with Al Ahly SC ,Egypt

Al Ahly Sporting Club (Egyptian pronunciation: [elˈahly]) commonly known as Red Devils Al Ahly or El Ahly (English: The National) is an Egyptian sporting club. Founded in April 1907, Al Ahly was named in 2000 by the Confederation of African Football as the "African Club of the Century".


As of 2014, the club has 129 official trophies (110 domestic and 19 international), making it the most successful winning team in the world. Al Ahly is currently the most successful club in terms of international titles won, surpassing Argentine club Boca Juniors and Italian giants A.C. Milan after winning the 2014 CAF Super Cup .


Tatweer sports company have signed off the Team wear sponsorship pact with Al Ahly SC in 2014. Tatweer Sports company now  designing, manufacturing and supplying the official  team wear  to the club under the new pact.



The First fitness club will open

What Next ?


The First factory will open


Our vision is to become the leading sports development company in the Middle EAST delivering top Saudi sport brand products to our customers.



Our mission is to become a respectful Saudi Brand to provide our customers with the best in sport brand products with sustain returns to our stakeholders.